Mountains and I

I have always been very carefree when it comes to taking charge of myself. Running and rolling down the mountain and falling at every third step while trekking in the snow had never been a matter of concern for me. Having a pace in daily activities in life was never a topic to think about until 2016 Summer. It was the time when my knee was detected with several muscle tears. I had to get a surgery done because the injury didn’t let me do the regular everyday activity.

It was after the surgery that I realised that I have to learn how to start walking again. With several physiotherapy sessions and using walking aids for months I slowly started to walk again. The only thought that I would have each day in my recovery period would be to be able to climb the mountains again.

Now one year later I amble through the mountains,appreciating the allurement of the nature even more.

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Ultimate Lesson I learnt from Gary Vaynerchuk

So as a 21 year old I was just as baffled and confused as any other person of my age regarding what to do next and how to do it.I also just started working in a social media agency but didn’t know how to make effective use of it.I started watching Gary Vee’s videos and quickly learned that this man here is trying to make the audience understand how crucial those few steps are before you’re about to do something productive. In those steps you either make the decision to successfully complete the ask or resist enough to delay it until the next day.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about passion to complete a task without thinking much about the end result of it. What he tries to make the youngsters understand is that there is no short-cut to success. Another thing that he talks about is “loving the process” or “loving the journey”. We all love the fruit of success but often forget about the salty taste of hardwork that led us to success. Gary pushes his audience to work hard and keep working until you feel content.

We would often come across people telling success or failure stories. But very few would talk about the process. Gary is one of those people who would keep pushing you to work either through his videos or blogs.

Now instead of me thinking about how this task I want to complete is going to take so much of my time and energy and hardwork and everything else that pushes me away from the completion of the task I just keep moving.

Nuur The Band

Live music events have been a part of Delhiā€™s culture since quite sometime now. From participating in inter college music band battles to playing at cafes and music festivals. One such band from Delhi has been through the journey of the music to establish their name in the minds of its audience.

Nuur, is a band based out of New Delhi. The band plays their music with a touch of the Bollywood that the Delhi audience loves and a hint of Sufi flavor here and there. The band plays a mixture of Bollywood and Sufi. What makes them different is their style and their vision to portray the music to the audience in such a way that it makes them fall in love with the band. The band has a diverse range of talented fellows who bring their skills on the table. The name of the vocalist of the band is Santa Singh and his voice makes everyone fall in love with him instantly.

The band is coming out with their brilliant new work. To all the music fans who feel close to this genre should check out their page on facebook and instagram for their updates!

Any reviews in the comment section below is appreciated

Sukhmanch Theatre- Tafteesh

Sukhmanch theatre is a theatre group based in New Delhi. The founder and director of Sukhmanch Theatre is Shilpi Marwaha,a prominent figure in Delhi Theatre Circuit. Shilpi has been performing from the past decade and trained with Asmita Theatre group for seven years. Sukhmanch Theatre is named after Shilpi’s mother. It started in 2017 March and has been getting a lot of love and support from theatre lovers.

Tafteesh is one of the plays directed by Shilpi Marwaha. It is written by Mitter Sain Meet. This novel goes deep into the working style of our police system. It hits hard on police-politician-criminal nexus and dig out the roots of crime in particularly in Punjab and India as whole. The depiction of the story is done beautifully by the actors of Sukhmanch Theatre.

Theatre lovers in New Delhi,check out Sukhmanch Theatre and do post your reviews in the comments below.